Sassy Nails

How many of you like to express your personality through your nails? I am totally one of those people! I would love to die my hair pink and blonde and wear clothes that express my personality… But, since I work in a law office I have to look professional. So, expressing myself through my nails is fantastic and so easy.

Check out a few of my nail expressions below.

My nails are done by the amazing Angela at Angela’s Acrylics. (If you live in my area and would like to contact Angela please send me a message and I will get you her information).

So without further ado.. here are some of my personal Sassy Nails…






~Formal Occasion~

~Hunting Season~

~St. Patricks Day~





Stunna Shades!

For those of you that don’t know… I LOVE crazy glasses, sunglasses, shutter shades… I love pretty much anything wild and crazy. My family, as much as they love me, is usually embarrassed by my crazy glasses so I don’t usually wear them very long.

I figure now is as good a time as any to help give insight on my “sassy-ness”.

Here we go…..

~4th of July~

~Colorado Rockies Baseball~


~3D Movies~

~NHRA Drag Races~

~St. Patricks Day~

~And, last but not least… EASTER!~



DIY Easter Egg Garland

I’m sure you are aware we live in a rental. It is so difficult to decorate (for any occasion) a rental. Nothing can be permanent, no holes in the walls, no stains on the floor, no remodeling, etc. You all know what I mean! Ugh! It is so frustrating!! Every once in a great while I will break down and put a nail in the wall, which I must note, is very rare! However, for this fantastic DIY project that was not necessary. I used what was already on the walls, curtain hangers! YAY for me! In the almost 2 years we have been there, we haven’t put up curtains. Mostly its because we refused to spend the money on them. But, the hangers that were already there worked great for hanging the garland.

Below are my instructions for my DIY Easter Egg Garland! Want to know the best part?!?!…… Wait for it….. IT COST LESS THAN $5.00! That’s right… Fast and easy decorating ON A BUDGET! (And it didn’t depreciate the rental. haha!)

Here we go!


  • 2 Bags of Plastic Eggs, I chose the bright eggs (48 pack – $1.98 each from Wal-Mart)
  • Fishing Line, (Had on Hand) [You may want to find something stronger (remember it must fit through the hole in the egg so it cannot be very large); I noticed the fishing line stretches which didn’t affect me, but may affect you.]
  • Bow(s), (3 pack $1.00 from the Dollar Store) [The number of bows depends on how much “swag” you want.]
  • Wire Ties, if they are not already holding the bows to package
  • Misc. Nuts, (Had on Hand) [Bolts will work also. Anything bigger than the hole in the egg to tie to the end of the fishing line. It will be hidden by the egg, so as long as it fits inside the egg it will work great.]
  • Nails/screws/curtain hangers (Had on Hand) [Anything to hang the garland]


  • Put all of the plastic eggs together (mine were not assembled in the package);
  • Decide if you would like to have a pattern with your garland;
  • OPTIONAL: If you decided to have a pattern: Lay 1 the egg in the pattern you desire in front of you for reference (My pattern was Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple);
  • Begin stringing the eggs in the desired pattern;
  • Once all of the eggs are on the fishing line (or desired string) cut the fishing line leaving 1 foot on each end. The excess line will be cut later;

  • Open the last egg, making sure the fishing line is going through one end of the egg;
  • Tie the Nut (or other material) to the end of the fishing line;
  • Cut off the excess line;
  • Close the egg, but make sure nothing is sticking out of the closed egg;
  • Repeat this process to the other end of the egg string;
  • Hang the garland where desired;

  • Gather bows, unhook from package, KEEP WIRE TIES;
  • Re-tie the wire tie using finger as base;
  • Hook over the hook of your choosing;


Here is your finished Easter Garland for Under $5.00!


DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Hey Peeps! (Get it.. Easter time.. Peeps!! HaHa! I know, im a nerd.)

I do not know about other crafty people out there.. But, I am all of a sudden OBSESSED with wreaths! I always used to think my mom was crazy for having them up around the house. I never knew their purpose. Now, I realize their purpose, to me at least, is to liven up a room. Living in a rental where we cannot paint, remodel or decorate the way we would like, I truly appreciate the simple beauty of a wreath.

I was reviewing Easter ideas on Pinterest and decided I would like to make us an Easter wreath. I did not fall in love with any of the wreaths I found, so, I went to Wal-Mart (my favorite store) and the Dollar Store in search of inspiration! I found tons of stuff, but was trying to stick to a small budget… so… I came up with the idea below.

Here is what the inspiration created!!


Below are my (crazy) instructions on how I created such a MASTERPIECE!


  • 2 Bags of Plastic Eggs, I chose the pastel eggs (48 pack – $1.98 each from Wal-Mart)
  • Easter Grass; I chose pink ($1.37 from Wal-Mart); I only used about 1/3 of the bag, the remaining 2/3 of the bag went to another idea of mine. (It will be posted shortly!)  
  • 18in. Wire Wreath Base; (I had this on hand, I believe it came from Michael’s and cost around $2.99)
  • Hot Glue Gun (Had on hand) [I purchased a “LOW TEMP” glue gun from Hobby Lobby because i kept burning myself. This worked amazingly with the plastic eggs! THEY DID NOT MELT!]
  • Hot Glue (Had on hand)
  • Bow(s) (2 pack $1.00 from the Dollar Store)
  • Colored Paper (Had on hand)


  • Wreath Wire (skinny wire to tie bow to wreath base); (Had on hand)
  • Wire Cutters (Had on hand)
  • Cricut (Had on hand)
  • Cricut Artiste Cartridge, available only through Close to My Heart (Had on hand)
  • Dry Erase Marker (Had on hand)
  • Scissors (Had on hand)
  • Pencil/Pen/Skinny Paint Brush (Had on hand)


  • Put all of the plastic eggs together (mine were not assembled in the package);
  • Begin by laying the wreath base (face up) on a flat surface;
  • Lay the eggs around the wreath base as desired (they do not have to be perfect);
  • Begin hot gluing the eggs to the wreath base (I put the glue on the metal base because it was easier than trying to find exactly where the egg touched the wreath)
  • Continue hot gluing the eggs until the wreath base is completely covered;
  • Flip the wreath over so the base is clearly visible;
  • Apply extra hot glue to make sure the eggs will not fall off (this is not going to be pretty, but that is okay because no one will see it);
  • Let cool;

  • Take Easter grass and apply a small layer around the wreath base (the wreath should still be upside down);
  • Poke the grass though the wreath (you may need the pencil/pen/paint brush to get the grass through the small holes);

  • Turn the wreath back over (so it the eggs are facing up);
  • Lay the 2nd and final layer of eggs around the wreath as desired;
  • Hot glue all the eggs in place;
  • Adjust Easter grass to make sure you have the desired look;
  • Cut out desired word(s)/saying (I used the Cricut);
  • Hot glue word(s)/saying to wreath (I began by laying the words where I thought they should be and then marked on the egg where I wanted the glue to go with the dry erase marker);
  • Glue bow to wreath (this is where you can use the wreath wire if you prefer);



There is your DIY Easter Wreath for under $10 ($9.32 to be exact.)

 Aww!! Look I had help!


Where the Magic Happens…

Hey Everyone!!

I have decided that since I am new to Blogging that I would like take a little time to let everyone get to know me a little better. (Dustin, my boyfriend, would call it my OCD with organization.) 

Hopefully this helps everyone see a little bit of my “Sassy” Universe!

In this post I would like to show everyone my new and improved craft room/office. I thought it would be nice for everyone to check out where all the magic happens! HAHA!

I recently swapped our guest bedroom and my craft room/office. It has made all the difference! (Below are a few before and after pictures of each room.)

Just like many others, I must stick to my budget! So, I have listed below each picture a few prices for the items you see. Please remember, I have been purchasing items for the office/craft room for a year and a half now, as I can not afford to purchase everything at once. I hope this helps and gives everyone some inspiration as to what their craft room/office can look like.

Here are the 2 rooms BEFORE!






Office/Craft Room. Look how amazing it is!!

  • Glass/Silver Desk – Gift=FREE
  • Large pink/black stackable boxes (from Wal-Mart) $5.00 each
  • White 3 drawer (paper) tote (from Wal-Mart) $12.95
  • Pink office set [Trash can, pen/pencil holder, paperclip cup and note holder] (from Wal-Mart) $7.00
  • White 4 drawer tote (from Wal-Mart) $12.95
  • Blue 3 drawer tote  – Gift=FREE

  • Small pink/black stackable boxes (from Wal-Mart) $1.00 each
  • Black shelves [holding blue totes] (from Target) $20.69 each
  • Large blue totes (from Target) $2.89 each
  • Small blue totes (from Target) $0.98 each
  • Black Shelf [holding jars] – Gift=FREE
  • Black Cloth Collapsible Drawers (from Wal-Mart) $4.00 for all 4

  • Counter – Already in the house when rented =FREE
  • Paper stacker  – Gift=FREE
  • Tupperware/tote  – Gift=FREE

  • Rectangle fold-up table – Gift=FREE
  • Dark brown stools [originally bought for dining room] (from a yard sale) $20.00 for both

  • Round table (from a yard sale) $25.00
  • Dark brown stools [originally bought for dining room] (from a yard sale) $20.00 for both
  • John Deere magnetic board (Home Made-A little pricy for home-made– but I LOVE IT!)
  • Filing cabinet (from Wal-Mart) $50.00

Guest Bedroom After!!

Well, I hope this gives a little in site on me and my “OCD Organization”. I also hope this gives everyone inspiration as to what an office/craft room can look like on a budget!